Beelitz asparagus

The Beelitz asparagus – the king vegetable from the region around Beelitz – follows a more than 150-year-old tradit ion and is now known far beyond the regional borders for its high quality. With its sandy and fertile soils, the Beelitz region offers the best conditions for low-calorie vegetables. The so-called “white gold” is very popular and it is hard to imagine the table without it during the asparagus season.

Protected geographical indication (PGI)

As early as 1861, the arable citizen of Beelitz, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Herrmann, tried his hand at growing asparagus for the first time, thus laying the foundation for the Beelitz asparagus tradition. The noble vegetables were still relatively unknown at the time and were reserved for upper class society. However, this changed a few years later, when the fine sticks were already enjoying huge sales at the Beelitzer and Berlin markets. In the following years, more and more farmers engaged in the cultivation of the so-called “white gold” and made Beelitz asparagus known far beyond the city limits by the turn of the century.

During the war years, large parts of the plantations withered and in the following years the asparagus almost completely disappeared from the fields. This was largely due to the fact that the noble vegetables were considered too low in calories.

During the years of the division of Germany, vegetables were increasingly forgotten. The noble poles were only grown in the private gardens and courtyards.

After reunification, experienced asparagus farmers from other regions of Germany successfully revived the asparagus tradition together with local farmers. In 2013, Beelitz was officially named asparagus town and, with 1,600 hectares of asparagus growing area, is the largest contiguous asparagus growing area in the state of Brandenburg.

The royal vegetables of course also require sovereign representation, so that the Beelitz asparagus has been represented by the royal highnesses – the asparagus queens – for 20 years now. Traditionally dressed in elegant garments, the lovely ladies present the Beelitz asparagus, the city and the entire asparagus region.

Since spring 2018, the noble asparagus from the Beelitz region has also been registered as an EU trademark under a protected geographical indication (PGI).

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