Organic asparagus harvested around Beelitz

With the growing awareness of nutrition, organically grown asparagus is becoming more and more important. The production of organically grown asparagus is much more complex, labor-intensive and often results in lower yields.

We stand behind organic production out of conviction, because regionally purchased organic products increase sustainability.

Organic farmers have to make a double effort for asparagus. The cultivation is complex anyway. The farmer has to nurse his young plants for three years before he can harvest for a whole season. And after just six years of harvest, new young plants and a new piece of land are needed. Because the soil takes decades before it can accommodate asparagus plants again.

Due to the biological-ecological cultivation of the fields and the renouncement of synthetic pesticides, additional work steps are necessary in the care of the fields. The manual removal of weeds on and between the asparagus ridges is time-consuming. At the same time, we harvest less on the land than in conventional agriculture. That saves the soil and resources for the future – with respect for our nature.