Sous vide asparagus from the asparagus city

With our sous vide asparagus you can finally enjoy the royal vegetable even more conveniently and tastier. Asparagus lovers can now buy ready-to-eat asparagus, prepare it quickly and enjoy it with maximum flavor.

Our sous vide asparagus is produced and packaged in accordance with certified IFS standards in Beelitz. The carefully peeled, gently vacuumed and cooked asparagus spears in their own juice at low temperatures keep for at least 21 days from delivery at 2-7 degrees.

Sous vide asparagus is available exclusively from your asparagus expert at Märkische Höfe Beelitz GmbH.

What does sous vide cook mean?

Sous vide comes from French and means under (sous) vacuum (vide). It is now one of the big trends among discerning chefs and in star cuisine. What makes the cooking method so special?

Sous vide cooking or vacuum cooking is a very gentle way of preparing meat, fish and vegetables. Our asparagus is peeled with care, packed in plastic bags and vacuum sealed. The sealed vacuum bag is then gently cooked in a water bath at low temperatures.

Advantages of our sous vide asparagus

Our sous vide asparagus guarantees a full taste experience – neither flavors nor aromas are lost, as oxidation of the asparagus and its aromas is reduced.

At home, the asparagus can be prepared quickly and easily in a pot or pan and without the hassle of peeling. In this way you can have delicious asparagus dishes in the quality of star cuisine in no time at all.

Prepare sous vide asparagus easily

Our sous vide asparagus can be fried in a pan or boiled in a pot quickly and easily. We show how to have the perfect asparagus on your plate within 10 minutes.